Welcome to the Australian Clinical Terminology User Group

Australia is in the middle of an exciting period in the development of  clinical terminologies  and you are invited to be part of it. If you have an interest in SNOMED-CT, AMT, LOINC or other health care related terminologies or maybe you work in one of those areas then please consider joining us and telling us what you would like to know more about or share with us information about the clinical terminologies or classifications you work with.

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Meeting 26 Minutes and Actions

Welcome to AuCTUG

Please find below the minutes from our last meeting on 27 April.

And the action register.

Please find below the slides for Meeting 26 Presentations held 27 April.

Documents for AuCTUG Meeting 26

Past Minutes – AuCT-UG Meeting 25 – Minutes

Today’s Agenda – AuCT-UG Meeting 26 Agenda_20170427

Current Draft Terms of reference AuCT-UG Terms of Reference_dv003_April 2017

First Meeting in 2016 Details

Dear AuCTUGers and Interested new comers.

We hope that you can make it to the next AuCT-UG meeting on March 1st 2016.

You can attend the meeting in person at the NEHTA offices in Sydney and Brisbane. Please contact Ms Emma Black to arrange a visit.

Meeting details below:

  • Date & Time: March 1st, 2016 12:00pm – 1:30pm AEDT (Sydney Time)
  • Via phone on Redback: 1 800 899 574 and code 3707062174#
  • For webinar go to http://nehta.rbweb.com.au/ and code 3707062174.

In person:
Sydney (NEHTA – Flinders, Level 25, 56 Pitt Street)
Brisbane (NEHTA –Florey, Level 31, 400 George Street)

Agenda to follow.

Emma Black
Engagement Analyst
nehta – National E-Health Transition Authority
Level 25, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000
Phone: (02) 8298 3496
Fax: (02) 8298 2666
Email: emma.black@nehta.gov.au
Web: www.nehta.gov.au

Agenda Meeting No. 19 of the Australian Clinical Terminology User Group

Meeting No. 19 of the Australian Clinical Terminology User Group

Wednesday 22 April, 2015 at 12.30pm – 2.00pm (AESDT)

 Via phone: 1800 899 574 and code 20268236#.

For webinar go to http://nehta.rbweb.com.au/and use participant code 30238459. 

In person:

Sydney (NEHTA – Flinders, Level 25, 56 Pitt Street)

Brisbane (NEHTA – Bulwinkel, Level 31, 400 George Street)

Time (AEDT)   Item Responsible Documents
12.30pm 12.35pm  1 Welcome–   Confirmation of previous minutes

–   Review action items


David Evans  ·    1.1 Meeting 18 Minutes 


12.35pm 12.55pm 2 ISO Meeting Update:–   Extension of 11179 metadata repository

–   Terminology conformance assessment

–   Terminology implementation maturity model

–   Clinical decision support maturity model

Heather Grain  
12.55pm 1.05pm 3 Ask Me Anything Matthew Cordell  
1.05pm 1.25pm 4 Natural language processing developments Jon Patrick  
1.25pm 1.35pm  5 SNOMED CT-AU Update Matthew Cordell  
1.35pm 1.50pm 6 SNOMED CT-AU browser demonstration:–   Shrimp (CSIRO) Mike Lawley  
1.50pm 2.00pm  7 Discussion and new business  David Evans  Discussion
2.00pm   Meeting Close    


Happy New Year!

On behalf of those trying to keep AuCTUG afloat we would love to wish you a Happy New Year. We hope your celebrations have left you uplifted and excited enough to want to get back to the terminology and classifications we all love so dearly (… oops too much good cheer)!


In any event there is a lot of exciting opportunities for change coming up – an election in Queensland, a new federal Health Minister, the restructuring of NEHTA, a couple of Digital Hospitals, a new(?) future around the Shared Electronic Health Record and PCEHR, changes at IHTSDO, new SNOMED-CT applications and desktop tools, and I am sure a bundle of other initiatives to test our terminologists.

We now have 41 international and national members on LinkedIn and I am trying to organize a Facebook page (for you social types who can use these fang-dangled networking tools)!

Have a great year and remember:

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept. (Ansel Adams).

See you all online!

Michael Osbourne writes a Farewell to Kent Spackman.

Michael Osborne is a Pathology Informatics specialist who works at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane (Australia). He has been an Aussie representative on the IHTSDO content standing committee since 2010.

Michael has written a thoughtful article that you can find in full at: Guest editorial: Farewell Kent Spackman on PulseIT

I thought the highlights of the article were,


Kent Spackman has been the major force behind SNOMED since 1997. In October 2014 Kent announced to the world that he is standing down from his position at the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) as Chief Terminologist (IHTSDO, 2014). Kent retired as of 1st January 2015.”

SNOMED CT allows health systems to seamlessly interchange the meaning of data elements. The meaning is modelled into the terminology. How can something as complex as bacterial infection of the lung be meaningfully modelled? All of the lower level components such as anatomy, bacteria and pathogenic processes are also defined into the terminology. A bit like LEGO, these low level attributes are combined in logical statements to define the concepts, of which there are over 300,000.

The article highlighted a number of IHTSDO and NEHTA initiatives:

  • Recently developed LINGO web tools making it easier to develop both the Australian extension to SNOMED CT and the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT)
  • A responsive corporate business model with a hew helpdesk called FreshDesk.

The author noted that many of the anatomy projects had a “heavy reliance on Kent as Chief Terminologist. Kent’s vast knowledge of SNOMED CT and Medical Informatics in general will be hard to replace“.

To quote the Kent Spackman retirement press release:

In recent times he has been central to harmonization activities between IHTSDO and WHO and in the development of the linkage between SNOMED CT and ICD-11. He has also taken a lead role on behalf of IHTSDO in the harmonization of SNOMED CT and LOINC, ensuring greater interoperability between both global standards.

Don Sweete, the incoming CEO of IHTSDO is reported as saying “It is our task now to take up the challenge and continue with his vision and work.

The article contains a brief bibliography

Enjoy your retirement Kent – Goodbye and thanks for all the Terms!

The AuCTUG Team

IHTSDO Newsletter November 2014

The November IHTSDO Newsletter is now available  on our wiki here or for download at IHTSDO at www.ihtsdo.org/newsletter.pdf.

This Newsletter contains articles on the following topics:

  • A week of records – reports from the IHTSDO business meeting and SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase
  • Standing Committee Review
  • Building the SNOMED CT Business Case
  • A great day for the nurses
  • News about Management Board Directors and Standing Committee members
  • LOINC/SNOMED CT update
  • Dr. Kent Spackman retires

And more….

IHTSDO Newsletter October 2014

The October 2014 IHTSDO Newsletter is now available for download here at IHTSDO

This Newsletter contains articles on the following topics:

  • IHTSDO new visual identity
  • SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase:
    • Tutorial program
    • Presentation of Keynote Speakers
    • India’s kick-off meeting
    • New recruits
    • IHTSDO at international conferences
    • Request for Proposals: IHTSDO Terminology Server and more stories from the newsfeed

    In case you missed our previous newsletters, you can find them here.

    If you have any questions or topic ideas, please let us know by writing to info@ihtsdo.org.

    Thank you very much!

26 August – AuCTUG Meeting Cancelled

Sadly we will not be teleconferencing today due to circumstances beyond our control. We will try to get another meeting organized as soon as possible. It is not that nothing is happening but that a lot is happening and more to come. We are all awaiting in anticipation for the Royale Report’s recommendations from the Government. Change is most definitely a constant but it comes in waves.

Look forward to hearing from you next meeting.
How was HIC14 – anyone like to send me a post? Would love to publish some information.

David Evans and Christine Borthwick.

Contact: Christine Borthwick
Level 2, 10 Browning Street
Ph: 07 3023 8413